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Enabling preparation of bankable projects

Following the 2019 launch of the Cities Investment Advisory Platform (formerly Capital Advisory Platform) last year, we continue engaging with local, regional, and national governments to identify and advance projects in the early stages of the project life cycle.

By 2050, 68% of the world’s population, 6.7 billion people, will live in cities, with most of this growth witnessed in poorly serviced and underdeveloped urban areas. Bridging the need for investment in the public sector and the will to invest in good, sustainable development in the private sector is therefore crucial. This is true especially in emerging markets where such assistance can improve millions of lives and enhance the capacity building of the cities for years to come.

CIAP has identified a specific gap in the early stage of the project preparation and offers support to the public sector by de-risking projects and obtaining available funding from existing investment facilities. From the investors' perspective, we offer clearly defined projects and streamline to connect with emerging cities and their needs. We are innovative in our selection of early stage projects and strategic assistance to project leaders within the stages of policy formulation of governments, through concept stages with project owners, and the feasibility assessments with technical advisors. Additionally, CIAP is breaking the silo by creating a new pipeline for different stakeholders to access well-defined upstream projects and exchange good practices.

CIAP provides a place where city governments can broaden their capacities by articulating their project ideations to the investors before the feasibility stage and allows them to provide sound risk mitigation strategies. The inaugural Cities Investment Platform in February which helped 9 projects with actionable feedback successfully proved there is a great need for more discussions between the investors and the city governments.

We invite city governments and other public sector actors to reach out to us with their project pipeline and work towards more actionable projects, and investors to join and tap into existing opportunities in fast-growing emerging cities.

To learn more and partner with CIAP, please send an email to

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